The word menopause refers to the final menstrual period, which in Australia usually occurs at about the age of 51 years. Perimenopause refers to the years leading up to menopause, when periods become irregular and women start developing synptoms.

Most women experience some sort of menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes and night sweats. However, around 1 in 4 women experience moderate-severe symptoms. It’s not just hot flushes, there are many other symptoms as well. Common symptoms include poor sleep, headaches, joint and muscle aches, vaginal dryness and low libido.

Mood can also be affected, with women being at least twice as likely to experience anxiety or depressive symptoms during perimenopause. Women who have had depression or anxiety in the past are most at risk.

There are many treatments available for menopausal symptoms including menopausal hormone therapy, non-hormonal medications and non-medication options.

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