Women’s Hormone Specialist – Telehealth

As a women’s hormone specialist I have seen the devastating impact COVID has had on women and their families. My way of helping is to set up this Telehealth clinic to provide accessible specialist care to Australian women nationwide.


Telehealth allows you to access care without face to face contact, reducing the risk of infection. In my work as a women’s hormone specialist I have found Telehealth to be time saving and practical for busy women. When face to face appointments are needed, these a provided through Epworth Camberwell.

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EASY ONE-CLICK Telehealth System

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I’m an endocrinologist specialising in women’s health. In other words, a women’s hormone specialist. Over the years I’ve helped women with many different hormone concerns such as menopausal symptoms, premenstrual symptoms/premenstrual dysphoric disorder, polycystic ovary syndrome, thyroid problems, thinning bones, and diabetes. I’m also experienced at working with women who have hormone issues on top of other very complex physical and mental health conditions. For example, breast cancer, blood clots, epilepsy, bipolar disorder, depression and many others.

In my work as a women’s hormone specialist I also meet a lot of women who just feel that something isn’t quite right. That is to say, they might not know exactly what is wrong but feel that a hormone imbalance is causing the problem. Often these women feel intimidated about sharing their concerns with an endocrinologist. What I say to them is that above all, I will not dismiss your concerns. I will listen carefully and work with you to get to the bottom of the problem.

Photos by Sarah Pflug from Burst